The POCN Mission

The Professionals of Color Network (POCN) is a hub for professionals of all races, nationalities and backgrounds to enjoy the  benefits that come from being connected to one another in celebration of our unique lived experiences and all the ways we can support each other. The Professionals of Color Network (POCN) holds the space, creates the hub, and nurtures the relationships a strong community is built on. The POCN team collaborates to create the opportunities and conditions for people of color to network in a space that values and centers their diverse, unique, and valuable lived experience.

About the POCN

The POCN requests our white allies to respect the boundary that the POCN is first and foremost to serve people of color, by honoring that with our limited capacity and lack of existing spaces all our events and resources will be for people of color exclusively. We envision a future where we provide resources and ways to connect to our white allies, however, because all networking spaces in a white supremacist culture, like the one we have in the US, all networking spaces are white dominated. The same way women’s groups are not anti-male and honor that at times women need a space just for them, the POCN is not anti-white and honors that at times people of color need their own spaces.

The POCN honors that we all need our affinity spaces on multiple levels while also making space to come together and cross pollinate. We welcome partnerships with groups organizing around racial and national social identities and lived experiences. We also want to acknowledge that the POCN is a hub for a wide range identities and in an effort to be as inclusive of them all as possible we’ve intentionally opted out of creating ground rules, a mission, and vision statement.